Awards and support

Awards and support


This award commemorates the contribution of Professor David Bradby (Royal Holloway) to the development of the discipline in the UK as a teacher, scholar, practitioner and former Chair of SCUDD (now DramaHE). The Award aims to support a research project that makes a contribution within the UK to the understanding of / and or engagement with theatre and performance practices in other parts of Europe.

Scope and Eligibility

A single award will be made annually on a competitive basis. The initial level of the award is set at £750. Normally, this figure and the guidelines will be reviewed annually.

Applications are restricted to individuals who:

  • Project: a statement about the project for which the award is requested and the stage of completion currently reached (250-300 words);
  • Purpose of the award: the specific purposes for which the award would be used, with an indication of approximate costs (250 – 300 words);
  • An outline budget: indicating the main areas of expenditure;
  • Current CV

Applications will be submitted electronically here.

Review Process:

A Review Panel made up of DramaHE Institutional Representatives, convened by Dr Katharine Low and Dr Joe Parsiow (DramaHE Award Committee Members), plus at least one other Ordinary Member of the SCUDD Committee, will be convened to review all applications and make a decision.

Applications will be assessed on:

  • Research rigour;
  • The deliverability of the project.
  • A Clear statement of the outcomes. These might include but are not limited to:
    • A conference or published paper.
    • A public performance on workshop;
    • An application to a funding council or other relevant body for a larger project for which this might serve as a pilot.

All outputs should acknowledge that DramaHE has supported the project.

Further Guidance:

This award may be used to cover:

  • Travel and subsistence costs associated with the research project.
  • Costs associated with practice-as-research;
  • Costs associated with accessing material, including performances and archives;
  • Costs associated with documentation and reproduction of material.

The following costs are not covered by this award:

  • Conference fees and costs of attending a conference.
  • Capital costs and equipment.
  • Replacement teaching costs.
  • Costs associated with disseminating existing research.


We are reviewing the The Decentered Advocacy Scheme and will announce further details about this in 2023-24.

There are currently two awards available:

    • Postgraduate Research Support Scholanship (PRSS)

    • David Bradby Award