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Institutions in the UK who provide degree-level courses in Theatre and Performance disciplines are welcome to join the DramaHE family.

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What are the benefits of being a DramaHE member?


A channel to represent the concerns and defend the interests of the subject domain and provide a forum for professional and scholarly debate for higher education teachers and researchers.


The opportunity to influence, collectively as a discipline, HE policy via consultations, representation on national bodies and lobbying


An annual conference (normally held in June), free to two delegates from member departments, which provides the opportunity to debate concerns relevant to the discipline, promote and disseminate good practice and collect and exchange information.


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The discussion list allows individuals in DramaHE member units and others to enter into and maintain dialogue on a number of issues pertinent to the discipline.

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Executive Committee

Dionysia Bouzioti

Early Career Researcher

Vanessa Macaulay

General Members

David Barnett

General Members

Nando Messias

General Members

Louise Peacock

General Members

Carna Bartleet

Vice Chair

Joe Parslow

General Members

Katharine Low

General Members

Robert Dean

General Members

Glenn Odom


Tracy Cruickshank


Kene Igweonu

Chair: Up for Election


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