The DramaHE mailing list (enabled by JISCmail) allows individuals in DramaHE member units and others to enter into and maintain dialogue on a number of issues pertinent to the discipline.

If you want to join or leave the list, or suspend your subscription, please go to the Jiscmail site

Please note that any message received from this list has a default ‘reply to list’ setting. Clicking reply to that message will send a message to all subscribers to the list, not just the individual who made the original posting.

No attachments can be mailed to the list.

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The following etiquette for the DramaHE discussion list complements the JISC guidelines for online behaviours.

  1. DramaHE as an organisation, the mail list JISC provides for it, and the other facilities it may use to promote its values and activities (including social media) are different entities.
  2. Views expressed by participants on the list and in online forums do not necessarily represent the views of the organisation or its members broadly.
  3. DramaHE represents departments and academic units, not individuals, but we expect individuals from inside and outside of our member institutes to be treated professionally and with courtesy in our online forums or facilities.
  4. Freedom of expression will be supported by the DramaHE executive, and open debate in online forums is welcomed.
  5. We recognise that freedom of expression is limited by laws including for the protection of reputation, to prevent the disclosure of information received in confidence and, importantly, to protect the rights of others.
  6. In the context of the values of our places of employment, we would further set freedom of expression against the values of a civilised and inclusive society; we expect participants in our online forums and mail list to be sensitive to the diversity of its inclusive community, and to show respect to all sections of that community.
  7. We believe that members of the mail list are able to self regulate and address issues of concern that arise from time to time. We advise participants in our online forums and mail list to ‘think before they write’.  Intervention in any form should be a rare occurrence.
  8. Intervention can take place where there is a reported or evident incident of harassment, bullying, or ad hominem attack, or any proven or suspected unlawful activity. Intervention can take the form of private discussion to resolve a matter, or temporary or permanent suspension from participation in the mail list or online forums, where such restrictions can be applied.