CFP **EXTRA VIRGIN: The Queer & Questionable Legacy of Madonna, Pop Culture & HIV/AIDS*

21 September, 2023 | by Rushi P

Desperately Seeking Submissions!

*For **EXTRA VIRGIN: The Queer & Questionable Legacy of Madonna, Pop
Culture & HIV/AIDS*

*–* a multifaceted programme of talks, performances and creative responses
to the Queen of Pop’s long history with the queer community.

It will take place at *Sutton House* as part of *Fringe! Queer Film & Arts
Fest*. More info on the event here:  Link

We are looking for theorists, historians, creatives and super-fans ready to
debate, examine or deconstruct the following constellation of themes:

– close readings of Madonna’s life and work as it relates to
queerness, sex positivity, feminism, and HIV/AIDS

– her involvement and association with AIDS activism, safer sex and
people living with HIV/AIDS

– Madonna’s impact upon and appropriation of queer and POC culture
and artforms

– her symbolic status as an ally, advocate and often ‘problematic
fave’ for the LGBTQ+ community from the 1980s to today

This event has been convened in conjunction with *Live to Tell* by Brian
Mullin, a new theatre piece exploring long-term survival with HIV through
the prism of a Madonna jukebox musical (presented last summer at The Yard

We are looking for accessible provocations of *15-20 minutes in length*
that may incorporate images, video, archival material, or performance to be
presented in front of a public audience.

Discussion, socializing and a screening of *Truth or Dare (aka In Bed With
Madonna) *will follow.

Please submit: a short bio (50 words) or link to personal website, a title
and 100-word abstract of your proposal.

Contact: [email protected]

Deadline: 25 Oct 6pm

Event Date: Fri. 15th November, evening

*Some costs including presenter fees will be covered for those selected.*

Brian Mullin