20 September, 2023 | by Rushi P

Call for Submissions

Co-editors: Enza De Francisci, Lisa Sarti, and Michael Subialk

PSA, the journal of the Pirandello Society of America, is happy to announce its upcoming special issue devoted to Six Characters as World Literature (volume 33, which will be published in spring 2021). Celebrating the centenary of one of the most monumental works of modernist theatre, we examine not only the formation, impact, and legacy of Six Characters, but also its position as a text within the global circulation of world literature.

Pirandello’s groundbreaking play is a text that has been translated, disseminated, adapted, and transformed in myriad ways, travelling into many different linguistic and cultural systems. It is also a text that was itself shaped by a transnational itinerary in its own moment. With this complex two-way process and intercultural reception in mind, we invite interdisciplinary contributions that explore Six Characters and its moment, author, and the various pathways through which it has impacted the history of theatre and the imagination of a global audience.

Topics of interest include, but are not limited to:

  • Language and Six Characters, from its formation and production to translation and circulation
  • Media and multimedia exchanges
  • Pirandello and his contemporaries on a global stage
  • Six Characters in the history of international theatre (impact, legacy, circulation, reception, etc.)
  • Six Characters and avant-garde experimentation/innovation
  • Adaptations, re-writings and cultural translations in the circulation of Six Characters
  • Six Characters and the sociology of translation: networks and agents that have enabled Pirandello and this play to travel through translation (particular contexts, material conditions, and individuals)
  • Six Characters’ relation to its cultural moment, and to subsequent moments
  • Gender in Six Characters, Pirandello, Italy, Europe, and/or global sites of reception
  • Issues in transnational performance traditions and different theatre cultures
  • Questions of modernity in Six Characters, Pirandello, Italy, Europe, and/or global sites of reception

Article submissions should generally be between 5,000 and 10,000 words, follow MLA formatting, and can be made via email (please send an anonymized word document with separate cover sheet including personal information) to: [email protected]

The submission deadline for this issue is January 15, 2021. Questions for the editors can be directed to the email address above.

In addition to article submissions on the special topic above, PSA seeks submissions that would fit into its other sections:

Interviews for publication in the journal’s “In Conversation” section.
We are happy to accept submissions consisting of interviews with directors, producers, actors, filmmakers, translators, or other artists who work on Pirandello or who connect themselves to Pirandellian themes.

New translations of Pirandello’s work or relating to Pirandello’s work.

Original creative work inspired by or relating to Pirandello.

Pedagogical engagements with Pirandello, Pirandello and teaching, how is Pirandello taught and received in class (theatre studies, language classes, Italian literature, psychology and philosophy courses).

Finally, the journal also publishes book and performance reviews relating to Pirandello and encourages submissions of any relevant reviews to the editors.

We are happy to accept submissions for these on a rolling basis. These submissions can likewise be made via email (as a word document) to: [email protected] and any questions should be directed to the editors.

We look forward to reading your submissions.

Best wishes,
Enza De Francisci, Lisa Sarti, and Michael Subialka
Co-editors, PSA 33, “Six Characters as World Literature”





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