20 September, 2023 | by Rushi P

Call for Submissions

CFP – Theatre and Performance Studies in English

We invite contributions to a special issue entitled Theatre and
Performance Studies in English, edited by Isabel Guerrero (UNED) and
Verónica Rodríguez Morales (University of Reading), to be published in July

Theatre and Performance Studies have made, little by little, their way
into academia. The field is relatively new if compared to other disciplines
in the Humanities, such as Literary or History Studies. Modern Theatre
Studies did not appear until the early twentieth century, when the first
studies on theatre historiography focused their attention on the
reconstruction of past theatrical events. The theoretical field emerged at
a very significant point in theatre history, as it coincided with the
apparition of the theatre director and the avant-garde movements. During
the twentieth century, the field broadened its scope to study all kinds of
human performance – from that taking place on the stage to the study of
human behaviour that involves some degree of performativity on different
settings. Theatre and Performance Studies, therefore, are not limited to
the study of the dramatic text or the actions carried out by a group of
actors, but include life events such as circus, dance or opera, as well as
performative events like parades, religious rituals or even TV realities.
This special issue, thus, aims to contribute to this expansive field,
welcoming articles that examine performative and theatrical events from
different perspectives.

The volume welcomes papers on the following topics: – Theatre and
Performance: papers related to the blur of boundaries between theatre,
performance, performativity in everyday life practices, performance and
identity. – Performing Practices and Stage Forms: papers on acting,
directing, theatre and performance historiography, performance-as-research,
theatre architecture, scenography, music, dance, and other elements of the
mise-en-scène and/or its audience reception. – Drama: critical studies on
translation, adaptation, dramaturgy, linguistics or any aspect related to
the textual component of theatre. – Theatre and Cultural Studies: papers
related to anthropology, sociology, pedagogy as well as those on queer
theatre, theatre and feminism, theatre and post-colonialism, intermediality
in theatre, theatre and politics, theatre and health and theatre and
crisis, among others. – Comparative Theatre: comparative studies bringing
together different aspects of the topics above (i.e. adaptation of the
dramatic text for performance, different productions of the same title,
contextual analysis…).

If you are interested in contributing an article, please send your working
title and a short abstract (250 words) to Isabel Guerrero and Verónica
Rodríguez Morales by September 15, 2020.

[email protected]

[email protected]

Dr Verónica Rodríguez

Teaching Fellow in Theatre
Department of Film, Theatre & Television
University of Reading
Minghella Studios
Shinfield Road
Berkshire RG6 6BT





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