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*A Call for Presentations:*

One–day Symposium Oct 19th 2019, followed by a one day workshop on Oct 20th
with Glenna Batson (US/IE)

Bath Spa University, Newton Park Campus, Bath (UK)

Key presenter Prof. Em. Glenna Batson

Convenors Thomas Kampe & Mary Steadman, (Creative Corporealities Research
Group (CCRG), Bath Spa University)

This one-day symposium addresses issues around embodiment in learning,
education and performer training. Through practical explorations, academic
presentations, workshop sessions, artistic interaction and debate we will
explore how a somatic-turn in learning, education and training can
contribute to a meaningful and critical education to ‘humanize humanity’ (
Morin 1999:10 ) in the context of global and civilisatory crises. The
symposium will be followed by a one- day workshop by Glenna Batson. The
symposium and workshop will be held on the beautiful Newton Park Campus of
Bath Spa University, and is organised through the *Creative Corporealities
Research Group (CCRG) *located within the *Bath School of Music and

The convenor team invites educators, academics and artists to contribute to
this pertinent symposium through lectures, workshops, panel discussions
artistic presentations or alternative formats.

*Presentation formats: *20 minutes lecture presentations; 60 min or 90 min
workshops; 60 min panel discussions; 30 – 45 min artistic presentations.
Skype presentations and alternative formats of presentations are welcomed .

*Topics might include:*

Embodied and Enactivist Cognition and Pedagogies; Embodied Performance
Practices and Performer Training; New Materialism & Posthumanism;
Deconstruction and Embodiment; Somatic Activism & Applied Somatics; Touch
as Learning Modality; Agency, Empathy & Liveness; Somatic Performance
Cultures; Eco & Walking Arts; Embodying Gender; Critiquing Whiteness –
Decolonising Practice; Embodying Diversity; Embodiment in the Digital Age;
Eco-Somatics & Eco-Crisis; Re-Embodiment and Re-Empowerment; Movement and
Well-being in Education.

*Presenter fee: £ 35 / workshop fee £ 35 * – concessions are available. The
symposium will be self-funding.

Submission format : 250 words long proposal & 250 word biog

Deadline for proposals: 09/08/2019. Feedback by 23/08/2019

Please send proposals and biogs to:
[email protected]

Best wishes

Thomas & Mary

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